Commission: Boethiah Onyx/Character Sheet

Well now! My first #commission of 2020 is #Frozen_Skyrim related? Non-#DiD too? Yes, definitely! This is a character sheet of my Dovahkiin, Onyx, post-Frozen Skyrim events and a bit farther down the years. This might be my way to put him inn Elder Scrolls VI fanfics if Bethesda ever gets their act together. Also, this is my first (and not the last) endeavor into character sheets commission. After Evil-is-Relative drew this picture for me as a gift, I was enamored by it! I asked for her blessing and grace to continue using it for future works, got it #commissioned through PyonSangSang! And here we are with a wonderful piece of art!

Evil-is-Relative's original artwork: Champion of Boethiah

Until Next Time!

The Masterless
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