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Commission: Bound by Rage

Raven was part of an oldie Damsel Poll I was running on DA some time back. She won and I decided to make her situation a bit more 'convenient' for me. I'm not the biggest DC guru so this #commission definitely wasn't the easiest to make.

But #DiD commissions are something I have a lot of experience with so I eventually found a way to create Raven's situation. What did I come up with? The lovely sorceress was captured by the Red Lanterns and are being used for... things? Not sure. I just thought having her bound and gagged by red constructs would look enticing. And she does look rather fetching.

Of course, GREAT-DUDE is the guy that is responsible for this commission. With stylized sexiness, the variant coloring, it's all good stuff. I ended up really liking this commission and I rather enjoyed what I came up with! Picked a good artist for it too!

Until Next Time!

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