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Commission: Captured Cloud of Darkness

Updated: May 19, 2020

A villainess so alluring deserve a moment of distress. Question is: is this moment of defeat the cause of her adversaries or from her own 'allies' from Chaos?

One of those commissions, this time featuring the alluring and powerful Cloud of Darkness of FFIII/Dissidia NT! I have worked with Blackprof before with his works on Warrior Rikku DiDressphere and Captured Skarlet. He is no stranger to the kinkier side of artworks. I definitely adore how he pulled this off.

Someone tell her that: "Your bondage is part of the natural order!"

or: "Lick your gag and taste your weakness!"

Well, that's about it from me this time. I'll posts these kind of commissions here and there. If not, I'll just keep it in the archives and notify.

Until Next Time!

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