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Commission: Dunmer Dovahkiin

Champion of Boethiah

ShaperOfThings is a Deviant who is extremely talented. Before his disappearance, he was able to collaborate with me through some very well crated artwork of my Dovahkiin, Onyx. The picture above is a homage to the Boethiah statue found in Skyrim (vanilla)--Boethiah being my favorite Daedric Prince(Queen) to side with. She also has a thing of my Dovahkiin Onyx, thus the picture above.

Karliah is a NPC and one of my personal favorites. Other than Serana, this Dunmer Nightengale is a person with a fun arc to go through and a history that goes deeper than Skyrim. Clearly, ShaperofThings drew her quite so well! I love the details on her Nightengale outfit.

Not to mention, he drew Onyx's armor with so much details as well. So much color shading, layers, and just the dynamic pose. ShaperofThings is an amazing artist.

Even his sketches/warm-up is done quite well. This is supposedly him 'warming up' to draw my commission. I certainly wish to work with him again--or at the very least, hear from him again.

At any rate, I'll be posting some old #Commissions as I go about these days. Hope you all enjoyed!

Until Next Time!

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