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Commission: Kaitlin's Front Page (Retake 5)

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

We, the #DiD community demand for better ropework and gags for certain moments in our (not-so) favorite shows. Me, in particular, have a thing for that one episode of VR Troopers: Kaitlin's Front Page. Now, it's no secret that I have done a TON of other Kaitlin Star related DiD images. But this particular one, this, I can't help myself; I have to keep asking artists to remake it!

Luckily, FourPieces agrees with me and was kind enough to use his 3D rendering talents to make that happen. Gagged, more rope, and more seclusion... yep. Kaitlin's gonna have a rougher time being rescued! Thank you, Fours! He and a few more will conitnue to help (re)make that scene better!

Until Next Time!

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