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Commission: Magical Rin Tohsaka

Of course! Rin Tohsaka! While she may not be featured in my #commissions gallery as often as one would think, I can say that I do adore this character. She has the looks, the attitude, and the proper movesets to really make her a top waifu. Yeah, I know, surprisingly she isn't in my top 4, but hard to knock the four gals in my Victorious Vixens, eh? My humble opinion.

But when a fantastic artwork of her comes around, I can't help but gawk. This particular piece is more of an "adopted" commission rather than an actual commission. Akira-Jw drew the piece as a sketch and, well, I just fell in love with it. Though if I was to be picky, if I was to pick between the original pose and the finished, I prefer the sketched piece more. Though seriously, there is something incredibly sexy with this piece. Especially with the wine being poured on her..... yum!

Speaking of, I miss working with Akira. Hmmm I wonder.

Well, that's about it for now.

Until Next Time!

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