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Commission: POP Terra Branford

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

This is a new kind of #commission, eh? Yes! It totally is! #POPs are a big part of my collecting fandom so when I ran across Waltodile's series of making "POP Cuties"(female OCs drawn as POPs), I couldn't help but commission my faves--first one on the list? Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI! Of course, had to put her in my favorite outfit of hers: the Benevolent Maiden.

Waltodile made a "Chase" version because of a minor mix up. It was minor, but the result was I ended up getting two variants for free... well, four, if you want to count the boxed and unboxed as two versions.

Basically the "extra" variant is having both Magitek and Benevolent Maiden outfit combined which means it s Terra with green hair wearing her Amano concept art.

All in all, what a fantastic commission! Definitely a way to start off the New Year with these! Will definitely see more of these in my gallery!

Until Next Time!

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