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Commission: Rikku DiDressphere Thief

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Ah, yes! This was the last of the Dressphere (well, chronologically, the Samurai DiDressphere was the last to get done, but this was the last one I commissioned if that makes any sense) finished it to join the #DiDressphere #Commission series I had going on some time back! This is Rikku's default and possibly sexiest outfit yet (like to see them top this off in FFX-3) and despite it not having any sense for a thief, I still rather adore it so I wanted to give it a very high caliber treatment. NOPEYs is a very talented a high regarded artist. He doesn't do #DiD content as often but I knew his vibrant colors would work well with the mish-mash of Rikku's unorthodox outfit. Also, I had the fancy idea of 'parodying' the in-game CG artwork of the Rikku poster. Y'all know which one that is! At any rate, the result is amazing! And it remains to be a favorite of mine! I'm sure Paine and Yuna are pretty happy that Rikku is grounded for a bit!

Until Next Time!

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