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Commission: Rikku's Real Emotion

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

This is a #Commission I have had done some time ago. This was from none other than Moonarc, an artist I have commissioned before with another favorite Final Fantasy gal of mine! My main intent for this commission is pretty obvious: to take the opening theme of FFX-2 and put it into Rikku's playful and sexy side. I have to say, Moonarc DiD a fantastic job on this one! I can hear the intro song playing in the background!

What music, you say? Seriously, I know that FFX-2 completely went off the left turn from the usual Final Fantasy antics, but come on now! It's fanservice wrapped around the cover of a good game before it. Honestly, I love FFX-2 for all its flaws and virtues. It's why Rikku remains to be one of my favorites and I #commission her a ton.

Until Next Time!

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