Commission: The Capture of Materia

There was a time when I didn't know much about the #Dissidia franchise. That is, of course, until #Dissidia_NT came out and I got caught up. One of the gals that I really adored was Materia, Dissidia NT's version of Cosmos. She's not as "Goddess-y" as her predecessor and she's actually, more or less, an inexperienced tsundere with a lot of power. Meaning, she's more susceptible to mistakes. She also has a pretty sexy--and complicating outfit. I decided not to go with that one, for now and just give her a fancy dress. AkinaSilver pulled off this #commission just fine and perhaps in the future, I'll revisit Materia in her "actual" outfit and use it against her. That would be fun.

Until Next Time!

The Masterless
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A Collector of action figures. A Gamer of various genres. Commissioner of awesome and fetish based fanart from different artists. I'm just another perverted geek expressing his opinions and views.

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