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Commission: Titi-Artwork's Spider-Woman

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Ah, yes! My first main! Jessica Drew the first and the best Spider-Woman! Needless to say, Spider-Woman got a ton of #commission love from me. Pictures that are not #DiD related with my girl is quite rare but hey, here they are! Titi-Artwork is responsible for these fantastic pieces. When Venomverse was getting popular, I decided to mix Scream with Jessica Drew. I think they fit together.

Jessica Drew's second costume didn't connect with me. I don't mind it and I think it has its appeal but... ya know, it ain't the classic. Still, I wanted to see what she looks like commissioned, and well, the result is there. I think Titi-Artwork's style, the colors are so rich and deep. The red especially. Yeah, needless to say, it looks pretty good.

Well, that's about it. Obviously this artist appeared more than once through my commissioning endeavors. I have featured the artist once or twice. These are just the commissions that don't involve ropes and gags.

Until Next Time!

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