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Disney Investor Day 2020: The MCU

Not going to beat around the bush. Disney's Invetor Day dropped some MAJOR #MCU stuff so to touch up on it, here we go. And my thoughts.


I was very skeptic about this but... wow. I'm interested. This Loki is not the one that we got to see 'grow' through the events of Dark World, Ragnarok, or Infinity War. It's a 'crime thriller' so, I'm not sure how this applies to the God of Mischief. Again, interesting.

Even after the trailer, I'm still not 100% into this. But I am more than willing to eat it up! I came to the realization during my MCU marathon (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III) that the Captain America Trilogy were one of my favorites. I like Captain America's story and I'm willing to take a gander at what his legacy left behind.

This thing looks fun and bonkers all at the same time. I'm definitely excited for this one far more than the other two! That and it ties in wth the Multiverse of Madness and the Spider-Man 3 that I am actually excited for? Yeah let's go! That and I adore Elizabeth Olsen!

Okay so this video crams it all in. Wow. Moon Knight! Armor Wars? Secret Wars? What If...? Didn't expect those at all! Armor wars were one of my favorite Iron Man story lines. And Secret Invasion... Veranke? Jessica Drew? Please? Maybe? And What If is just classic. There are a few I'm not terribly excited about like Ironheart, Ms. Marvel, and I'm VERY skeptical about She-Hulk. But for the most part, the MCU has delivered. Trust in them! Anyways, there are a lot more news that came out. Going to be covering as much as I can!

Until Next Time!

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