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Dissidia NT: 9th DLC & Updates

Still talking about #DissidiaNT, I know. Even if Ardyn doesn't really entice me that much since I wanted Aranea or something, BUT, you know.

Here's his alternate outfit. Again, haven't been the biggest Ardyn fan so this is mediocre to me.

His gameplay isn't exactly my style either, but the thing about this that excites me is that they are still willing to add more to the game and that means more updates, more chances to see some of my other Final Fantasy character faves (#RikkuinDissidiaNT).

Speaking of other updates, we have more skin DLC outfits! Sephiroth gets his "Safe Sephiroth" skin--with some modifications to fit the Dissidia NT fighting arena! I definitely like how he looks BUT, again, won't be using him.

Then we have Rinoa Heartilly who gets a pretty Final Fantasy outfit courtesy of Amano's concept artwork. I actually think it's quite adorable and for someone who used Rinoa during his Dissidia NT outings, I can find myself buying this. Then again, I have yet to purchase Yuna's Songstress DLC outfit so... again, we'll see what 2020 offers if I get back into Dissidia NT.

Again, neat that they continue to update!

Until Next Time!

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