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Dissidia NT: Light & Y'shtola Skins

I know right? #Dissidia_NT update and I don't even play the game anymore... least for now, I hope. But we get some update skins for two characters I don't use: Light and Y'shtola.

Light gets a new armor called "Shining Knight". Not sure where this is from but it reminds me of Amano's artwork. Might just be that. And new sword/shield too, obviously. Not looking bad, but I will never use him.

Y'shtola is someone I like aesthetically; she just looks and sounds sassy. I prefer her second skin, but this one is reflecting how she looks in Shadowbringers and she looks enticing.

Again, I won't be getting these--haven't even bought the Yuna Songstress outfit so... yeah. I hope to get back into this game sooner than later.

Until Next Time!

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