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Dissidia NT: Words on Tifa

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, Tifa Lockhart has arrived in #Dissidia_NT! To all the major Tifa/FFVII fans this is something worthy to celebrate about! And since I am also a fan of FFVII and happen to be a sucker for Final Fantasy gals, I bit the bullet and paid the DLC price. So, how is she?

And just so we are clear, if it wasn't obvious before, I am a Terra Branford user--that right there should state that I am a marksman. I stay away from the crowded fisticuffs and swords that are flying around everywhere. What that means is that just like my experience with Locke Cole way back when, I had to really get back in the groove of getting closer, hitting, blocking, evading, and knowing my range. Put that with the fact that I am learning a new character means that there are plenty of losing screens. Just bear that in mind.

Now with that disclaimer out of the way, I have to say that Tifa is a fast hitter. Not as fast as Locke, but where she lacks in speed compared to him, she makes up for it with her powerful strikes. She's an assassin--I guessed Vanguard but I should've known better.

Using her move set requires some getting used to. Understanding what down and circle does and how it works with timing really does have some challenge if you're the type that usually stays back and let off holy orbs from a distance. But once the hits are connecting and the combos are flowing, Tifa is a pretty satisfying character to deal damages with.

She's pretty limited in long range attacks but she does have one: her frost hadoken, which has two versions; one also has to activate it and it's not a default attack. So definitely get comfortable with hitting up close.

Those who are familiar with Tifa's original FFVII limit breaks, you'll be glad to see that they are present one way or another. Her Dolphin Punch is her first HP attack that you will get, Beat Rush is a normal brave attack, so on and so on.

Her Unique EX skill is literally her limit break slots from FFVII, complete with the blue backdrop that is so familiar with a lot of fans. It serves the same purpose as Cloud's Unique EX skill, more or less: it makes Tifa's hit harder by adding some extra hits for both damage and aesthetics and supposedly buff the your team members. It's a nice little throwback to her old limit break ways!

But for a better moveset breakdown, go check out TrueBladeSeeker's video. He does a great job explaining things and even gives pointers how to make Tifa's moves really connect for awesome combos and damage.

Now pass her gameplay and mechanics, Tifa Lockhart looks damn good. Unlike someone like Rinoa or Locke, Tifa has had the honors of being in HD before with previous Dissidia and Advent Children so I think this game does a pretty good job staying consistent with her previous looks. Also, seeing her original outfit looking this good, it's always a plus. I'm glad to see her right next to the other hotties of the #Dissidia_NT roster! No good panty shots, mind you.

That looks epic! Not one of her moves though. Just a well timed and lucky screenshot.

Voice actress wise, she sounds pretty good. I'm not sure who it is, if it's her same VA from Advent Children or her Remake voice. As of right now, there is no credited name for english. But she delivers her lines well and all the grunts and groans. Not complaining.

As much as I like her moves, how she looks, and how she sounds, I still need some work on her so I won't find myself having too many victory fanfares at the moment. But I'll keep trying! So far I'm only really a hitter in this game when I'm Terra or Rinoa--marksman class.

Which brings me to the point that I always go back to Terra no matter what. But even with me sparsely using Tifa online, I find myself going against her and/or teaming up with her. She's really popular.

On a final note, is Tifa Lockhart worth paying the price as a DLC? That can only be decided with how much one loves Tifa and how often one plays Dissidia NT. I bought Locke, Rinoa, and Tifa, but I know I won't use them as much as I will use Terra. But truthfully, I enjoy having her around. I'm sure other people agree and obviously, a LOT of people consider her worth it with how much I've seen her around. Not sure if Dissidia NT will continue to receive updates in console form due to it's disappointing performance, one thing is certain, a lot of FFVII/Final Fantasy fans are happy to have Tifa in Dissidia NT even if it's just for the sake of representation. With that said, that's about it for now!

Until Next Time!

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