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DuDs: FFVI Terra

Another Redbubble purchase! I do enjoy getting unique graphic tees from that site since it's less likely you'll find anyone wearing the same shirt as you. Not to mention, for non-popular characters like Terra Branford (or FFVI), you'll be hard-pressed to find one at your normal retail! With that said, let's take a look at this shirt, shall we?

Gone are the colors but her silhouette definitely rings prominently!

The design is rather simple and it works, honestly. It's a standard and common Terra Branford Design placed as a shadow over the number "VI". It creates a messy, unorthodox, but very effective style that isn't so 'in-your-face' but definitely quite obvious who and what is meant to represent. The black shadow of her, while a complete contrast to the vanilla artwork by Nomura, still has that feel of her somber, somewhat doubting, and yet more than competent fighter to represent the universe of FFVI.

I was very close to getting this in red but eventually decided on black. I could still go either or but I'm very ecstatic that I got this one for sure!

And here is this new Terra Branford FFVI Graphic-Tee next to Trading Arts Mini: Terra Branford. Again, not a comparison! Well, with all that said, I think this is a pretty darn good shirt. I love the simple design and it's also pretty telling who the character is and what game she's from just from the simplicity. Still wonder what it would look like in red but this is just as good as it can be. I will continue to recommend RedBubble for a lot of things and DuDs is definitely one of them!

Until Next Time!

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