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Trading Arts Mini: Terra Branford

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Now Square Enix products are quite rare on my page as of late. There are a few reasons but honestly, it's price and content that really deters me from getting them--the first reason is more of a heavier factor than the latter.

Truth to be told, this is based on the World of Final Fantasy game; a game that I didn't get into, surprisingly enough. Though one thing I will say is that it gives an amalgamation of FF fans something to be happy about since a LOT of Final Fantasy characters appear in that game--even if the aesthetics don't appeal to everyone, it's still a nice little nod to a variety of awesome familiar faces. With this Trading Arts Mini to celebrate the game (and the 30th anniversary of FF) line, it's basically mystery boxes--something I'm not a fan of. I just decided to go through the 3rd party market and just get Terra. It's who I really wanted anyway.

While in-game the chibi look may not be the best-looking thing in-game, but as a stylized toy, I absolutely adore the World of Final Fantasy art style! The chibi-look is so adorable and to have one of Terra is something I really wanted; heck, I was just aching for a Terra paraphernalia! Sadly, it's not her Benevolent Maiden look. It's one of those combinations of her Magitek Knight and the aforementioned outfit. It gives her the cape, the skirt, the sash, and the green hair all at once. It's basically appealing to the green hair and blonde Terra lovers look. I personally don't mind and I have #commissoined her wearing this outfit (kind-of-sort-of) before. To have her represented this way is not a big downer... though I am still looking for a 'proper' Benevolent Maiden action figure (Bring Arts... Playarts Kai... ANYTHING, Please Square!).

There's really not much to break down in terms of 'details' because it's very stylized--it resonates with how Terra looked in-game. Again, it's not my favorite look for her, but I still enjoyed the fact that Terra was represented in a Final Fantasy spinoff game. Not to mention, as Trading Mini-Arts go, The World of Final Fantasy

With that said, this little Terra is not detailed in the conventional sense. Again, it's the style of the game and honestly, I know it's Terra with the little things here and there. I'm pretty happy with it and I got this little thing knowing what I was going to get. I wasn't sure how small she was though but I soon found out.

To get a concept of how small she is, here is Trading Arts Mini Terra next to POP Spider-Woman, Nendroid Elsa, and Trading Arts Rikku. Yes, she's tiny. Also, this is the Victorious Vixens in stylized plastic form!

So, all in all, I wanted this cute Terra Branford and when I got it, I got what I expected. I like it a lot. I adore it. It's Terra--a much-needed addition to my collection. She may not be for everyone, but hey, certainly for me. I definitely recommend her to any Terra-die-hard fans. I suggest a third market for a decent price since one might have to go through a bunch of random boxes to find her. Anyways, here's to hoping to get more Terra Branford stuff in my collection!

Until Next Time!

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