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DuDs: Frozen Graphic Tees

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Clothing! #Frozen clothing article, no less! 2020 seems to be the year the people realized how much I adore Elsa. So with that said, let's get into the DuDs that I received last year, shall we?

The first shirt is a standard Elsa picture from the stock images of Frozen I. She looks adorable, it's Elsa, so how can she not? She has her ice castle behind her and she's wearing her famous "Snow Queen" dress from the first Frozen. Also, "Unleash Your Power" is definitely something that gravitates towards the first Frozen so this is definitely a Frozen I shirt.

I love this image of Elsa. It has that mysterious element with Elsa seemingly behind the Eternal Winter by antagonistic means rather than a disastrous revelation of her powers. It really gives me that Frozen I feels and again, just the image of Elsa shooting a snowflake into the sky is a glorious image.

Then, of course, the tale of two sisters. Frozen was just about that. The bonds between Elsa and Anna--the sisterhood that survived years of being apart. The floral emblem pays homage to Arendelle's symbol, of course. This one is unique because I have yet to see it.

So in the even that this is the year that we are allowed (fully) back into the Magical Kingdom, I will be equipped with some shirts to represent my favorite Disney movie/ Queen. Definitely excited for that and if anything else, they're everyday shirts that I can wear when I go out and do the usual errands. Happy to have them!

Until Next Time!

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