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Dynast Warriors IX

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I've been a fan of #Dynasty_Warriors for a long time now. Then I started venturing off to Samurai Warriors since I am more into the Japanese fantasy lore than I am with Chinese. Then the hack and slash genre just got stale, though every once in a while I devel into it just for some senseless and quick gaming without the overall commitment.

Then, of course, Dynasty Warrios wanted to improve and evolve. From the looks of the trailer, they have some of fun factors that I seek in a game. Now it might not be a Skyrim-like game for me, but for sure it has some content worth looking into.

Hopefully this means that they will make Samurai Warriors like this. After all, I want to play as some of these characters in this type of setting:

Chances are, they'll be making them!

Dynasty Warrios 9 is now ready for preorder! Rest assured that I have mine preordered! This game might hold me down for a bit! I guess we shall see!

Until Next Time!

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