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Elden Ring: My Story

I am now an Elden Lord (Queen). That's right! Arlena claimed her throne! I have beaten Elden Ring and my, oh my, what a journey it had been! This post is a little dedication to a game that I have given 180 plus hours to (and still climbing). Just like anything other #gaming endeavor on this blog, this isn't a full on review. It's a point of view from my stand point. My story and my experience. So with that said, let's get into it, shall we?

But first, let's watch....

This all makes sense now. It all has a lot of content and the characters and their actions on this trailer hits harder! And my story got tangled up with most of these characters.

Listen to her story.....

A confessor. A tarnished whose identity is unknown and quite conflicted. Blade in hand and with a magic flickering in its most miniscule way, this tarnished wandered the Lands in Between without a clear direction or a clear motive.

But suffering through the hostile lands, this Tarnished found a place.

The Tarnished found a purpose. She found the means to push on. The Snow Witch gave her the means to carry on.

The Maiden Melina followed her with every step of the way, lighting the way, and assisting her to manifest the power she gathered into something tangible--something adequate for a battlemage to possess.

And so through trials and tribulation the tarnished known as Arlena carried on.

Battling demi humans, monstrosities, and gods--proving her worth to claim the Elden Throne.

Through the vows she made.

And the bonds she made.

Through the unfathomable distance of the Lands in Between.... Arlena travelled through and through.

She claimed her prize.

For better or for worse, she became Elden Lord. The new age comes.


So with that said! Past all the cryptic story telling and words, I had a lot of fun with this game! It was hard--that much is obvious.

I definitely saw those words quite a bit! I definitely got lost, died, found a boss, died, and tried and tried again and died. But overcoming some of the juggernauts of the game (with help or without) were definitely some moments worth remembering.

At this point, almost every bit of the map is exposed with a tiny bit more on Mohgwyn's area to fully uncover. But all in all, I've explored quite a bit!

180+ hours later, and I beat the game. And there's nothing really I can say on those hours to really express just how much I appreciate this game. Jumping from Demon's Souls to this, it truly was an experience!

So thank you, Elden Ring! Was definitely a blast, death and victories and all. I won't say that I'm done since I have plenty more to try and overcome but at least I can say that I gained an ending this past weekend. With that said, there's not much else too really say! Great game! Perfect? No. Far from it. But it's got life, challenges, great characters, and the usual From Software story telling! I recommend it to any Soulsborne gamers who has yet to pick it up (for some reason), and for anyone willing to try something different, this definitely can be a good chance to try. So, from one Tarnished to the rest, seek rump, then offer fingers ahead.

Until Next Time!

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