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The NightSkyPrince: FFX-3 Neccessary?

I love Final Fantasy X. Along side FFVI, it's definitely on my top two favorite Final Fantasy.I think it was a great game with a lot of differences and enough nuances to really make it stand out outside the other Final Fantasy games. It had a great set of characters, a very JRPG story that is straight but still layered, and of course, it definitely hit some emotional triggers at that point of my life when I was playing it for the first time. With all that said, I cannot simply deny the existence of FFX-2 and where it stands with FFX. 

I am enamored by FFX-2. While very different from FFX's theme and understandable why it split the fan base in two, I love what FFX-2 brought on the table with the story addition, I love the gameplay, I definitely love the sexiness, AND this is when I realized that I LOVE Rikku! Not the sequel everybody wanted, but hey, it was definitely something I enjoyed. The throwbacks to some of the job classes, the sexiness and fan service... yeah. 

So do I think a FFX-3 is a necessary thing? The NightSkyPrince brought some good points that I agree almost whole heartedly. Where FFX/X2 stands, I think it's fine. I'm not sure if adding the written portions of the continuation was really necessary. FFX ended just fine and FFX-2 was a good icing on the cake for me... so the addition of the other portions is something I can't say I really adhere to. But it's there, it's canon, and it seems that a trilogy is heavily on its way. I can't speculate what I would want but I do want Rikku to be a bit more on the spotlight. I want something traditional but still close to a high paced action RPG--not sure how that works. And if they are to go forward with a FFX-3, I want an ending. A PROPER ending AT LAST. Even the greatest stories has to have a fitting and proper ending. Well, that's about it for now!

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