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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Dragoon) VI

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

A'rlen Sirushi everyone! This time, she's going to be parading her Lvl 90 Dragoon outfit! Straight from the high points of Endwalker, the cutest WoL comes out with another outfit! Let's check it out!

The Dragoon

I never did show off her lvl 70 and lvl 80 Dragoon armor--mostly because they didn't really fit A'rlen as well as the others. This one, because of the fact one is able to dye it, it really gives it a good look to fit A'rlen's style and preference. The complex design isn't too far out there and the Ruby Red dye doesn't take away any of the intricacies that this armor is supposed to have.

I do wish that there was a tail guard. Would make this look more 'complete'.

Lots of engraving, layers, and Dragon-esque designs which really makes it a standard but very unique Dragoon armor.

The helmet has a 'visor' down option, but I do like the face exposed for this look. I also like the fact that the face of the helmet has the silver color which really goes in line with the silver engravings all over the armor.

The dragon ears are always nice looking!

The Venat minion is cute!

Of course she has the Abel Lance--the same spear that comes with the entire set. Clearly it's dyed ruby red to complete the look. Also, it's not prominent but it does let off a slight glow.

Action shots! That's a really good shot of one of the Dragoons' moves!

Of course with lvl 90 comes new moves (or upgrade of old ones) and for the "ultimate skill", A'rlen gets to combine both the Blue and the Red Dragon for a powerful throw of her spear.

This glamor actually replaced "The Blood Dragoon"/Dragoon II, so that's something, right? Also this outfit got the spotlight of being the armor I wore in the last battle against Endsinger and Zenos. As far as it being main stay, that's hard to say since at the moment I am on a 'break' from playing FFXIV (yes, I know, right?). With that said, I do like the aesthetics, it is still high up there in regards to stats (for now). It holds a special place in my FFXIV journey for sure and while it won't replace the Crimson Dragoon, it did take out the Heavensward armor. But I guess we'll see where I am at once I get back to grinding, right?

Until Next Time!

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