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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Dragoon) VII

A'rlen Sirushi has returned with a new outfit! Yes, that's right! Still getting outfits for the Cutest WoL. She deserves more than enough outfits.

The Ronin

This one is obviously a bit more samurai-influenced. In fact, this mission had a lot to do with the Stormblood expansion, finishing some loose ends with the Four Lords and other Kugane-related characters. This is also part of Tataru's mission so if one wants this garb, definitely jump on it. It's available after the final mission for Endwalker. With that said, it's very rare that one would see A'rlen so clothed, right? But it's got some nice motifs all about especially on the bottom part of the kimono.

The sash tied around definitely fits the Eastern theme. I do like the long sleeves on this side of her arm.

The right side isn't symmetrical to the left. As one can see the right arm is exposed and floral tattoos are all over A'rlen's arm. I dare say that since this is a 'ronin'-like theme, it's definitely giving me Auron vibes. And I'm not too familiar with the Ronin idea other than a masterless samurai and the aesthetic of one arm exposed is always present. Also, the bottom of the kimono has crane symbols. Definitely samurai.

I dyed the upper piece and the lower piece ruby red since the default color was mostly black. The motifs adjusted to the palette swap and it looks good. It still has A'rlen's theme while being more in line with Kugane aesthetics.

I added a wristband and a YoRHa headpiece to give it a distinct look. How can she see, you ask? Well, "no mind". This Samurai is one with her spear and the battle ahead of her.

I do like the look of the tree-floral motif spreading across her shoulder blade too. And, of course, there's a hole in her tail.

I glammed her spear into Byakko's enspirited Lance. Definitely fits the aesthetics since Byakko is one of the four lords. Also, that sick ink splash swirling about the tip reminds me of Japanese Calligraphy. Which I'm sure that was the intent.

Yes, Kugane! Had to!


Action shots of the Cutest Ronin!

And she rides a Phoenix, I know. Fitting, I know.

I changed the lineup of my Dragoon glams to make Sirushi the second strongest which leaves this Ronin glam as the 3rd with the Cutest WoL still last. I find myself using this glam for a while. I've wanted a Samurai-looking design for A'rlen's Dragoon glams so here it is. There are more choices out there and one particular one is a bit more scantily clad.... But, this isn't bad. Not at all. I would definitely keep this one for a while. Guess we'll see what #Dawntrail offers, eh?

Until Next Time!

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