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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Monk) I

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

The second job I gave for A'rlen is the Monk. And to be honest, I grow in and out of love for it. Luckily, I have some fantastic outfits for her that makes her interesting, if not for the sake of how she looks. For today's outfit, we'll look at one that is a bit more unique in story. I'll explain. Let's get on with it.


This outfit didn't initially start out as part of my fist-to-fist foray. The funny thing is that it actually was one of my staple outfits as a Dragoon. It literally was A'rlen's first 'casual' Dragoon armor for a long while and it went through some small updates throughout that time. But for the most part, it's been the same.

It's sprinkled with the proper color scheme that A'rlen is known for (red, black, and white) but peppered with other contrasting colors.

The headgear also has some quirks which I like

The jewelries definitely gives her a bit of a pop compared to how she used to look as a Dragoon with this outfit on.

And here's the outfit back when A'rlen used to wear it as a Dragoon. She actually wore this outfit for a while while wielding a spear. I mean, a long while! I probably 'transferred' it to a full fledged Monk during Stormblood--and believe me, I took my time with the game! I know I went through it fast during those months, but trust me, I took my time! Ah, those days!

Of course at this current moment, she's using a Resistance Weapon: Samsara Recollection

Admittedly, not the most ceremonious outfit when it comes to being a kicker, but hey, it's gracious for sure!

And a fireball to end the trick!

Much like my Dragoon and Machinist, the Monk gets plenty of love when it comes to outfits. I will be showing off A'rlen's other attires with this job so get ready for that. For now, let's just admire the Miqo'te with this simple but very generous outfit!

Until Next Time!

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