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Figma: Jeanne D'Arc (Fate Grand Order)

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

From the Ruler class of the Fate Grand Order series, Jeanne D'Arc is another awesome looking character that mixes all types of fan service in one body. Then again, the entire Fate series could be seen as a mix of different ways to satisfy some serious fandom of all genres. With all that said, here's Jeanne D'Arc in her #Figma form! I preordered this a LONG time ago. Let's see if this figure is indeed a satisfaction for what Figma Jeanne D'Arc is supposed to represent.

While I haven't finished watching Grand Order, I can honestly admit that I like the Fate Series in general. Unlimited Blade Works and Zero offered a compelling story even if I felt the two had too similar of a plot at a certain point. Grand Order felt a little different and it offered a slew of characters. Jeanne D'Arc was the only one that stood out to me for that time I was watching.

Jeanne's Figma figure is packed in a huge box! It's not as big as Elsa's box, but still relative. It's the accessories, honestly. But overall, I'm loving the decor.

366th! I know that the last Figma I had reviewed was Raven and she was 345. There were plenty of figures that went in between... I am curious.

And without even going through the accessories, just these promo images alone can give anyone the idea that it's that huge flag that makes all the width for the box. But other than the size, everything else is pretty standard with this Figma.

I am definitely happy with the accessories that we get with her. The standard pairs of hands that can allow for some dynamic poses, three alternate faces, her weapons, and the Figma stand. This is why I am always satisfied with FIgma!

First of her three faces is your standard smiling happy face. The big blue anime eyes are sharp and definitely pays homage to her anime counter part.

Can't have an anime figure without the yelling face! This one is also pretty good. The one thing about it is that the eyes and the tiara covers her brows, which does take away from the anger that this emotion is trying to convey.

And then we have the blushing face. Because a servant under the Ruler class can definitely blush! Regardless, the details on the faces are consistent enough and I like them. Also, the tiara on her head is well colored and has some good details on it; it's not part of the sea; out faces, but it does stick out enough to comment on it.

While I don't know much about the character itself, her design really pulled me in. It's a mixture of medieval fantasy, anime, and fan service. I like it a lot and really, it's not too anime-is to make it impractical. But the armor pieces in it are well done with all their gorgeous detailed designs. The cloth that are systematically scattered all over Jeanne's designs are also well detailed; they look like regal cloth and one can tell the difference between what is supposed to be metal or soft material.

And since I didn't touch on it on the accessories part, I want to mention that her sword's hilt and guard has a lot of sculpting involved which also turned out great. But from this profile, it's easy to see that aesthetically, there are some things off with the hair. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely more than good enough but when you put it next to other work put into a Figma figure, it falls a little flat.

Color wise, Jeanne has some good thought placed in her. The blue variations for her clothing works well to add layers to her already somewhat busy design. The color choices for her armor represent her saintly and holy stance. As always, the paint work is clean and sharp and there is nothing to complain about.

Before I get into the rest of the figure, let me just take a moment to admire the paint work done on Jeanne's flag/spear. It's also pretty clean and it is vibrant. Her logo stands out and the other details that goes along with this accessory is pretty amazing. The only downside to this accessory is that it's pretty heavy for the figure. But it's more than possible to get Jeanne to hold it... it just requires a lot of support from the stand/ground.

And it can also turn into a spear thanks to the rolled up flag swap out. Definitely a good touch and adds more fun factor to Jeanne D'Arc's photoshoot.

As expected, the articulation for this beautiful Figma figure lives up to the series' name. The joints are smooth, giving, they work, and they have a wide range of movements. I had very little to no problem posing Jeanne as I wanted.

Some of Jeanne's costume design does get in the way, mostly on the lower part, but they have enough articulation to allow for some pretty easy poses to pull off. Her hair also has joints where her braid starts and at the end of the tail, there's a swivel. Gives her hair enough movements to gets some dynamics out of it. Also, with all of Jeanne's swap outs with her hands and face, it's really easy to make some good action shots. I'm not sure if she is as nimble and as quick as Archer or Lancer from (Unlimited Blade Works) since I never saw her actually fight, but I'm more than positive that she can manhandle anyone with her spear and sword.

In conclusion, I really love this figure. Figma Jeanne D'Arc represents what Figma does best: attention to character details, consistent with accessories, smooth and wide range of articulation, and great looking action figures. For any #Fate fans out there, this is a must! For anyone who just like her aesthetics, I say she has plenty to offer. So far, Figma has done nothing but impress me this year! Can't wait to see what else they have on the horizon!

Until Next Time!

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