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Final Fantasy: 35th Anniversary (FFBE Spotlight)

December 18, 2021 was Final Fantasy's 35th anniversary. I missed the initial date due to miscalculation, but alas, here I am giving one of my favorite franchise the much needed love and homage. Of course, many have done it (and done it better), but for me, I'm going to do it a bit different. Everyone knows I'm a big fan of #Dissdia_NT and #FFXIV--franchises that really give respect to what came before in their own sense, whether it be through an 'multiverse' crossover like Dissidia or the 'alternate lore' like how FFXIV takes it on. There is another FF property that handles crossovers quite well: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Here are a collection of the CGs, some artwork, and the overall visual delight this game has brought!

The introduction trailer (the third one)...

I haven't really covered this game on my channel but it's time that I do. While I haven't played this game (and don't think I ever will) in a long time--mainly because it's a mobile game--I do appreciate what it has done with getting some of my favorite FF gals/guys in one area. Also, they do fantastic CGs of some of these characters which is mostly hwhy this post exists. So, without further adieu, let's look into these, shall we?

Terra Branford

Give my girl some spotlight and I give you some props! Considering the CG style highly resembles #Dissidia_NT's Terra, hard not to love what they did here. These short cg exhibitions are are "Limit Bursts". From my understanding it's literally limit breaks with some grand cinematic show. And Terra looks amazing--and again, it's because it's highly respecting the Dissidia NT Terra, which I adore and loved! The artwork is also amazing for Brave Exvius and all its follow ups. Just look at the FFT vibe of Terra Branford to the right! More of that artwork on its way as this post continues!

And Terra got a second CG showing her Riot Blade "limit break". It's nice as well and in the english version, it seems that Natalie Lander (Dissidia NT VA) reprised her role. I'm for it since I do love her work on Terra! Though, I wish they gave her the Benevolent Maiden look for the second Limit Burst.

Would have LOVED to see this outfit in all its glory in a CG look! But who am I to complain, right? Terra got some love!

Celes Chere

Now the other lovely of FFVI is Celes Chere! Another hottie that deserves all the love in the world! It's easily debated that she is the main character of FFVI, though it's also easy to say that there are more than one protagonists in that Final Fantasy--and even if I consider Terra to be the main gal, it's really hard not to give Celes my attention because... well, she's awesome! I'm also glad that they managed to catch her 'opera outfit' and her official art outfit. Still want her sprite uniform, but here I am complaining. Spoiler, I'm going to be mentioning alternate outfits throughout this whole thing!

Y'shtola Rhul

Next on the line up is none other than everyone's #FFXIV Miqo'te, Y'shtola Rhul in her Shadowbringers glory! Another call out for alternate outfit, perhaps? But regardless, this is Y'shtola in best and that Miqo'te is badassery without a question! Funny enough, the video above is the first time I heard Y'shtola's Japanese voice actress. Also... why is it "Witch Y'shtola"? Oh well! Suppose she could be a total witch if one finds themselves on the wrong side of her sass, eh?


My girl Yuna also gets a moment and while I will always be a bigger fan of her Gunner outfit (and persona), I do respect and melt inside whenever I see love for FFX. I do hope to see a Limit Burst of her wearing her Gunner Dressphere. Heck, I can even take her Songstress Dressphere too! But, Yuna love is something I can't ever be against so cheers to that!

Tifa Lockhart

Of course we get some Tifa Lockhart! Why shouldn't we? I do like that they have FFVII R version of Tifa since she is definitely my favorite version of Tifa now. Also, that athletic shorts under that skirt gives Tifa (and us) more range for awesome kicks and shots--also, it's sexy. Not sure why all the hate for the new design since I think it's superior to her old design which I also liked.

Aerith Gainsborough

And Aerith! FFVII R's popularity does carry over. I do like how Aerith looks in the Remake. Let's hope we get a Yuffie burst limit, eh?

Rinoa Heartilly

While Rinoa has never been my favorite FF gal, to see her in Dissidia NT definitely made me look. Glad FFBE took note and kept her Dissidia design. I'm also fond of her english VA--fits her quirky and upbeat self.

Claire and Serah Farron

The Farron sisters! I adore Lightning and tolerate Serah--I still want to see Vanille in a Burst Limit rather than 2 Lightnings. Oh well.

Farris Scherwiz

Some FFV love! Never played the game, but hear a lot of good things about it.

Original Characters for FFBE

And then we have the FFBE original characters. In swimsuits too, eh? Fan service for sure! That's what FF likes to do every so often.

Oh, Ibara is definitely in my alley!

Main Line Final Fantasy

And so here are some of the main protagonists of the main FF titles and some other minor but pretty prominent side characters (Kain as an example). A lot of amazing characters from this franchise that don't usually get the attention as much has something like FFVII does (Hey, FFBE, make Rikku X-2, please! You can have her represent the FFX-2 game!). I'm glad something like FFBE does exist to give proper homage to some of the greatest characters in my fandom. 35 years later and here we are with FFXVI in the horizon. Amazing stuff.

So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FINAL FANTASY! To 35 years and on! And here's to hoping to seeing more of Terra and Rikku!

Until Next Time!

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