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Final Fantasy Creatures Kai: Terra branford (Holy Grail)

A long time ago, Square Enix came out with this series called "FF Creatures Kai" and they were glorious. I own a few of them, had every plans to get all of them, but I lost touch with them and I lost touch at the worst time. Along with amazing summons/creatures like Valefor, Bahamut Sin, and of course, Terra Branford riding her Magitek.

So, Terra is not a 'creature', per say, but I suppose at this time, Terra was under control by the Empire. Regardless of the reason, it's Terra Branford--it's Terra riding her Magitek and it's also a classic look because it's very much the Final Fantasy VI logo. Terra Branford merchandise is a rarity and this one is no exception. I have to have this... maybe one day. But the price in the wild after so much time is going to be painful. But it's Terra, right? this Holy Grail has to be worth it!

And speaking of missed figurines--Kefka? Next to Terra she'd be fantastic. FFVII Shiva, Alexander, Bombs, and is that Bahamut? Yes, missed a few good figures and I do wish that I could -eventually- get these. And Terra Branford is a must one day! One day.

Until Next Time!

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