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Final Fantasy: Strangers of Paradise

I didn't want to talk about this game after the reveal but since I was VERY EXCITED at one point, I have to address it.

Look, I'm all for bold new directions. Clearly FF had to adapt over the years to survive. It couldn't be turn-based in this climate. Sure the MMO stride has good grounds. Here I stand still willing to defend FFXV and all it's disastrous results. But this new 'game'...


I'm not sure if Square is aware that From Software is coming out with Elden Ring and it's actually looking good. It's cryptic, well put out teaser, and it has a solid foundation of GOOD "Souls Games" in the past. This game has zero charm with its boring character designs, cringe-worthy dialogue, and just a bad first impression in general.

(Also, demo for this game is CORRUPTED)

First impression matters.

Sure Square might fix this up and make this better. This game might actually turn around and I'm not going to completely say that it's going to be a complete cluster--but we could have really used a Final Fantasy Warriors--something that could have pulled #Dissidia_NT off the ground with the same team, same graphics, and same vibe. This is not what Final Fantasy needs right now in my eyes.

Also, Square's entire E3 conference was apparently a flop. It was so bad that the Twitter feeds were toxic. Several of their social media pages turned off commenting. At any rate, I don't want to spend more time than I already did with this game. I'll keep an eye out for sure and update as it shows progress. But seriously, what a tainted first impression. Good job Square on dropping the ball again.

Until Next Time!

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