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Final Fantasy VI: A World Reborn

I have good and bad news: There is a Mod-Community based remake of Final Fantasy VI out there! It makes the 'remake' done on FFVI some years ago look so much better and features Amano's art into the sprites (also updates the SNES sprites as well giving them the Dissidia NT look in sprite form). Aesthetically, it looks nice but they also updated the soundtrack.

The bad news? I don't think I can play it since it's only for PC.

But check out the video by TheNightSkyPrince:

Pretty neat stuff if you ask me. But here's one thing in my mind: I HOPE the talks of Final Fantasy VI REMAKE after FFVII Remake is truly within Square Enix's board meetings. They need to bounce back and maybe remakes is what they need since creating new content isn't exactly the best thing in their resume. Or at least, they're not doing as good as their glory days with new content. Just my opinion though...

Until Next Time!

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