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Final Fantasy XV: Night Sky Prince's Thoughts

NOT your Versus XIII

It's been some time since #FFXV's release date. As of this date, we got a second re-release of the game marked under the title: Royal Edition(A title I bought that for some reason, I have yet to play. Oh, I know the reason! #DissidiaNT) and a season 2 release date of some new DLCs that features other characters of Final Fantasy XV. Love or hate the game, there is no doubt that Square Enix pushed and continues to push this game as a mainstay--GRAND universe of the series; Just take a look at the fact that it spans from mobile games, movies, and its main character, Noctis, making appearance in other games already despite being relatively new to the gaming community (Final Fantasy related games and not). But this game is not without its fault and due to Final Fantasy being known for its narrative, the story and the presentation on in FFXV is where I, and many other fans, felt where this latest addition of Final Fantasy fell short... and fell short BAD.

The video above by Night Sky Prince touches on an idea that are less known facts about FFXV that quite possibly be part of the contributing factors as to why the former Versus XIII turned FFXV turned out the way it did. I definitely suggest watching it. For any Final Fantasy fan that are fans of the game might get some piece of mind as to why it is the way it is and for those who loathe this game can also get some insight. I for one LOVE the game, but that doesn't mean I can't say that it is not on par with some of my favorites (FFVI, FFX/2, FFVII, and the side game, FFT). It's a great video and it is definitely informative. Well, that's about it for now.

Until Next Time!

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