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Final Fantasy XVI: The Feel (1)

It's been some time since I updated with #FFXVI. I've definitely got more things to say this time around. I'm going to focus on the gameplay but also want to highlight the enemies that Clive and the 'party' will have to deal with. Another quick look into the game and by no means a full-length review. Don't think I'll ever do those. Well, let's get into it, shall we?


The battle system. The controversial part of almost every Final Fantasy released but more so with Final Fantasy 16. Why is that? Well, #FF16 is very much well an action game. The entire "Not a Final Fantasy" shtick has been rampaging for a while now. Truthfully, I'm having a great time with the gameplay and while it's definitely a bit detached from something like FFVI or FFX's mechanics, it's still fun. Besides, Final Fantasy has been testing the waters outside of turn base or standard JRPG gameplay for a while now. Even in the series' earlier days, they've been trying to see what Final Fantasy can be outside the turn-base mechanics. In my opinion, adapting is longevity for the series and to keep up with modern-day gamers. The thing is, does Creative Business Unit III do an adequate job to please both the new and the old fans? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, honestly.

"Mortal Blow" really does give Clive a few moments of aggression. Also, the animations allows for the player to avoid hits for a few seconds.

One glaring "issue" for me is that it's only Clive. No party members, so one has to get used to a single character. Sword in tow, Clive is going to be hacking and slashing through enemies like it's no one's business. Combinations, timing, and innovation are what make the sword-wielding, one-man-army Clive some variations and gameplay life. Still trying to find the best combos, but I have found a couple to my liking.

And what is an action RPG without a good defensive technique, right? Clive has evasion and parry, and with the proper build, he'll get to block his opponents. Depending on the timing, Clive can get some extra hits, or, depending on one's equipment, Clive's counterattack has a bit more flare to it.

What's Final Fantasy without magic, right? But it's not the classic magic gameplay that we were treated with during the early days. More, or less, the magic attack serves as an opener to a combo or something to keep the hits going. It's also far weaker than melee so we can't expect it to be the 'end-all'. Elemental damage isn't so much of a factor so when Clive uses any of the five elements, I don't feel or see a huge difference other than aesthetics. Also, mana points are gone so it's definitely a far cry from Final Fantasy's classic usage of MP. Don't have to worry about ethers.

Garuda is good for reeling in enemies, counter, or deplete an enemy's stagger bar.

To mix up the gameplay, Clive will get Eikon abilities. Summons are in the game but they play nothing like the classics.

Ramuh Eikon abilities are good for long range.

Phoenix dash

I haven't unlocked past Titan, but so far the Eikons all have a distinct feel. Their builds and how they will function in a fight definitely give each battle a few varieties. Switching between each Eikon between combos spices things up; just a matter of learning how each move chains with others.

Upgrade the Limit Break Bar ASAP.

Then, of course, there is Ifrit's Limit Break. As the second Eikon of Fire, Clive can utilize a portion of Ifrit's power. Combinations hit harder and each successful strike heals Clive. Definitely useful!

Torgal is the only other character the player can 'control' if you can even call it that. The faithful hound has limited commands to be given, but hey, at least they're entertaining the idea, right?

Jill casting a spell

I do miss a party, that much is going to be a sore spot. I may still be too far to really get the full grasp and maybe in a few hours I'll understand why there only has to be Clive. Or maybe it is just a pure gameplay aspect. Or maybe it wasn't possible to do more than one character due to some restrictions (hardly something to believe with technology these days).

The Kaiju battles when Clive controls Ifrit is always fun.

There are other elements of the battle system that gives FFXVI more variety. Things like the Eikon battles, then the cinematic QTE during boss fights, and so on. While I can't say it's my favorite battle system for Final Fantasy, I will say that it does do a good job of making gameplay that is unique to the 16th installment of Final Fantasy.

All in all, #FFXVI feels fun. From the smaller common enemies to bosses, there is something about it that really grabs my attention. While there are some things I have qualms about, for sure, there are a lot more good things than bad. I definitely cannot condone the massive hate it is getting. I definitely cannot say that it is NOT a real Final Fantasy. It's unique, action-based, and definitely a far cry from the turn-based days. But despite all that, to me, it's still a Final Fantasy. In fact, it's far more rooted in the origins of Final Fantasy than most would like to really want to admit. But I've got a few more hours left. Maybe I'll change my mind by then?

Until Next Time!

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