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Funko POP: Black Ranger (MMPR 30th Anniversary)

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Another #POP from the Power Rangers MMPR 30th Anniversary set! No further intro, right? Let's just dive right in and check out Zachary Taylor, the Black Ranger!

Definitely glad that I got this set. My friend and I definitely made the right choice since the Rangers I had reviewed thus far are really good in so many ways and in their own way. Anyway, let's continue with the review.

No wrinkles! I'm getting better at it, eh?

I've made it obvious before that Black is my top 2 favorite colors. Wonder why I never gravitated towards the Black Ranger. Maybe because I was more of a Dinosaur fan rather than a fan of the Ice Age creatures? That and I was never an axe person. But sheesh, do I realize how much of a powerhouse Zack is now!

Zack Taylor was the 'cool' Power Ranger. He dances, he's hip, and he's got style. Back in 1994, that kind of thing wasn't really for me so I always dismissed the Black Ranger. But as the years went by, I started to appreciate Zack. First off, I do like the color and now that I look at the Mastodon motif on his helmet, it does look good. Luckily POP made sure that the details were all there! The pose also does enough to give us a chance to see an action Power Ranger-like pose, we get to see the details of Zack's Power Axe, and it's not super dynamic that it takes away anything from the POP. I definitely like this and something they've done throughout this series.

The dagger/blaster is always a nice addition.

The color is well done and I can't help but appreciate it. There are some opportunities, small ones, mid you, but they are present. But all in all, unless I am just looking closely for some imperfections, it's not noticeable.

The tusks and the lips definitely has some mistakes. But it's nothing to scoff or bring the figurine down.

I do love the sculpting of this helmet. IT's very faithful and the amount of attention can never be ignored.

The Power Axe looks good--even the Mastodon symbol can be seen. Again, if one looks closer, the small defects can be spotted but that's trying too hard to catch an imperfection. Honestly, it looks fine from far away.

This is a good addition to the set. I can't recommend the entire set enough and truth be told, for any Power Rangers fan, the set is a must. But if one just chooses to get the Black Ranger because he is their favorite, disappointment, I feel, is too far to grasp with this one. Great sculpt, great pose, sharp coloring, and accuracy! Definitely worth it!

Until Next Time!

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