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Funko POP: Blue Ranger (MMPR 30th Anniversary)

And the last but not the least of the Power Rangers for this #POP set is none other than Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger. So without delay, let's just get right into the review for the last "OG" member of the Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger!

It is quite strange to say that Billy was once my favorite Power Ranger. Weird considering that blue is not a color I gravitate towards but I suppose since I was big into Triceratops when I was a youngling, guess that's why, eh? I also liked his weapon a lot and for some reason, I didn't want to give in to the good ol' fashion sword that Jason had. Years later, the novelty of Billy never really went away but I do admit that blue is not a favorite color of mine.

The last and no wrinkles!

I'll talk about it more towards the end and in a separate 'special' post but, I'm so glad my friend and I got this set!

Yes, nowadays the blue isn't doing much for me, I know, but back then I really liked his color scheme and how much he stood out. I also loved that Power Lance and Funko made sure those are present and his pose definitely shows it off well. I love the way his hands are positioned and the way the lance is pointed. The finer details are there with the sculpt work, which I will go over more in later areas of this post. But just from this angle, it's really easy to marvel at the line work, the accurate way the weapon is portrayed, and, of course, Blue Ranger himself has all the attention the other Rangers received as I pointed out with my other reviews.

Just look at that lance and the way he is posed! It's awesome!

The colors are also sharp. Accurate. It's at its best with the blue areas but the silver, white, gold, and black are not terrible. I do very much enjoy the vibrant color of the blue and it just all comes together.

Can see the imperfections of the paint job here but not terrible. And again, love the details on the helmet.

The gloves have some paint defects and the silver could be stronger on the edge of the lance. But all in all, I'm not complaining.

As the last piece of the set, I'd say, Billy Cranston, aka the Blue Ranger, definitely is an amazing addition. As my original favorite character, I still love his details even if the color may not be my favorite anymore. All in all, as a POP, he stands out on his own. He looks even better when standing next to his team. Highly recommend!

Until Next Time!

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