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Funko POP: Bronx

Updated: May 5, 2019

As the days go by, it's getting pretty apparent that I might just go through with collecting ALL of the Gargoyles #POP. I guess it depends on how often I can find them in the wild or what kind of sales they are in online. So without further adieu, let's dive right in to my new toy review of POP Bronx from Gargoyles.

Bronx was the Gargoyle's pet "dog". He was a four legged creature, did not talk, and did not have wings to aid him. So with that said, aside from an episode or two, Bronx never really got a proper story arc and/or any kind of character growth. I remember his episode where he was the 'hound' of a knight that was battling the Banshee, but nothing else beyond that. He stayed stagnant and he was pretty much 'there'. Though he was cool since he was the most unique out of the Manhattan Clan Gargoyles. We do see one (or two?) more four legged Gargoyle that was with the Avalon Clan. Seems like these types of Gargoyles were great trackers and again, as the dog of the group, would make sense. Though must suck to be like Bronx being carried around by flight without any means of flying on their own.

I understand that no one likes the Gargoyles just for Elisa Maza alone but they should include her in the POP line up. She was a pivotal character in the series.

His design is pretty good. He actually has a lot in common with Broadway with that 'creature of the black lagoon' looking ears. It looks neat and definitely not the worst look for a monster based character. Truth to be told, I think it looks better on Bronx than it does on Broadway, but that's because I'm not the biggest Broadway fan. As far as how Bronx looks as a POP figure, he actually looks pretty cool. Like the other gargoyles, Bronx doesn't need a stand to hold his stylized big head. But unlike Goliath and the others, he is sitting on his hunches like a pet dog would rather than be sustained by his tail. The little sculpting added for him is done well and it looks like Bronx so no complaints here. Love that little smirk he has and the way he shows his fangs through said expression.

As far as his posing goes, I'm not sure what else they could have given him that wouldn't have stepped to far beyond the norm of POPs. I like it and it fits so no complaints there.

I actually quite like his colors. Translated well into his POP form so that much I can say is a good thing. The darker blue is smooth and clean and it transitions well to the lighter shade. Though for some reason, they gave him the white eyes and not the black while the other Gargoyles got the black. They should all have white except Demona who should have red.

All in all the addition of Bronx just pretty much finalized my idea to complete the Gargoyles set. All of them have been great and as simple as their designs are, it translates well and Bronx is another clear testament to that. Not much else to say about that other than I like this POP.

Until Next Time!

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