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Funko POP: Covus Glaive

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Part of my June haul of #POP figures, Pop Corvus is, of course, part of the Avengers #Infinity_War merchandise. Part of the Black Order of Thanos, I just had to get him. He looked cool in the movie so let's see if his POP form does him justice.

I wasn't familiar with the Black Order until Infinity War came along so I did my research prior to the movie. Corvius seemed like a pretty cool character with his own perks and motives but none of that came out in the Cinematic version of him. That's okay though because he looked pretty menacing and out of all the Black Order MCU versions, he had the best care in my opinion. His POP version has that same care because there are plenty of sculpting that went with this action figure. Just the box alone can tell you that.

I already bought Thanos, Iron Man, and Hulkbuster from this wave. I probably won't be getting anymore since I got the ones that really interested me the most.

Again, I like how Corvus looks in the MCU. He really had an intimidating look to him and he just looked really dangerous. His POP form really interpreted that quite well. In fact, Infinity War moved so fast and Corvius barely had a part, which made me miss some of the details in his costume and his overall look. Suffice it to say, I love all the sculpted work on him. The 'cloth' that I thought was just pauper costume looks more like alien wear with its own style. The gold metal 'armor' all over him, then the mixed in black that gives it less of a regal look and more of a 'corrupted and/or evil' look to it. POP really pulled his outfit off. Then his glaive did not get the short end of the stick. This thing has detail and it is shaped really well. Again, I didn't get a good look in the movie, but just with this stylized version really gives a 'sneak peak' of what it looks like.

His pose isn't anything special but it works really well. He has a confident posture and he is holding his weapon with some confidence; can't complain about that.

The back may not have as much color variations, but there are still plenty of sculpted work on him!

Color-wise is also part of Corvus' selling point. The dominant and plain olive-green(ish) of Corvus' 'cloak' really helps offset the black and gold combination. It gives him that assassin-stealth-like look but still giving him some fanciness to make his look appealing. Then of course the juxtapose of his skin color and those red eyes really completes his villainous visage. All in all, I'm impressed with Corvus!

Here is Corvius Glaive next to POP #MCU #Thanos. Funny how Corvius got more details than Thanos.

All in all, I definitely think that Corvus Glaive is one of the better POPs I acquired this year, and I GOT A LOT even as of the date. I like the details, the combination of colors, and the way he is posed is more than adequate for a nefarious character like Corvus. Definitely one of the better Black Order POPs, if I do say so myself. Well, that's about it for this toy review!

Until Next Time!

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