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Funko POP: Daito (Ready Player One)

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

This guy's design alone compelled me to get this POP

I haven't seen Ready Player One yet, but with designs like Daito, I just might (and the hundred or so easter eggs to several Fandoms I happen to be a part of). The POP version of Daito already has cool visuals, I can only imagine what he looks like swinging she sword around in the movie. Before that, let's check out the POP.

This movie may really be drowned with the amount of MCU hitters this year. I'll give it a chance though since the premise and the character designs look pretty darn cool! Especially this samurai.

I probably won't get anyone else but Daito from this series. But again, the character designs look pretty cool though!

How can you go wrong with a samurai decked in red armor? Hard to. I'm not familiar with his performance in the movie, but just from his POP design, he looks like he can live up to his aesthetics. There seems to be some kind of animal-like qualities going on with his feet, but again, I have yet to see the movie to really know what is going on. The rest of him looks pretty 'normal' as far as sci-fi Samurai beings go.

One thing that can't be seen from looking through the front are the details on the side of his helmet. Those ridges and 'stitching' really adds ore depth to his already busy armor. Love the spikes too! Gives him more of a dragon-like look, which is probably why his feet looks like that, now that I think about it. Samurai and dragons, go figure.

Colors are also pretty sharp. Of course the character design has everything to do with it, but the way it is pulled off as a #POP is amazing. I love the deep red choice and of course mix it with gold and red makes it all the more better. We've gotten a lot of red and gold these days so I'm glad the choice of red, the non-metallic kind, really brings it away from the plethora of Iron Mans I have gotten. The offset yellow for his katana does justice too!

That gigantic head makes his helmet look really funny from this angle. But other than that, the pose is good enough. Samurai-y pose and showing off his katana, I'd say Daito looks ready to kick some butt!

Again, POP Daito gives me an incentive to watch the movie. He definitely falls in my alley. If a POP figure can do that, it means that said figure has done it's job. I like his design, his pose, and his overall vibe as a character; glad Funko pulled this one off for another successful catch.

Until Next Time!

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