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Funko POP: Dark Phoenix

Another catch from last year! Although the Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey hasn't had the best track record when it comes to movies, at least we can all take solace in the notion that at least she has great merchandise! Speaking of, let's get right into the review!

There is no denying that Hot Topic is one of the best sources of #POPs nowadays. Their selection is astronomical and their display reaches heights that require your standard mobile ladder that only employees are allowed to use. They get exclusives from Funko and this beauty, this Dark Pheonix may have a common version but what you get from a Hot Topic exclusive is leaps and bound better than the common. I'll get more in to that later but all I know is that I'm glad to have this version!

I actually have Archangel and Psylocke from this set--I'm an X-men fan so having some from this set is no brainer.

I am more than willing to bet that this #POP is more of an entertainment than the Dark Phoenix movie that released last year.

The Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Saga made Jean Grey a far more interesting character and would help give her a solid stance within the X-Men mythos. She's also very well tied to the trope of the 'evil within' in the form of her red and gold attire which is the one that is showcased in this POP. Clearly, just by color choice alone, I gravitate towards the Dark Phoenix more. Her arcs are also a bit more entertaining, and let me just tell you that she is insane. Also insanely powerful. She was a constant thorn on the X-Men's side and what made her even more terrifying, aside from being an omega level mutant, is the fact that she looks like Jean Grey still--which made it hard for the X-Men to do what needed to be done to put this entity down. Luckily, the good Pheonix comes back every so often to give them hope... or at least a moment of solace.

The sculpt is quite nice, honestly. What drew me in is the Phoenix Force power emanating from her back, something that is a signature when it comes to the Phoenix. It is the manifestation of her powers and she uses it to eradicate her enemies, fly, and just to look intimidating. The way it is sculpted makes it look like her wings and I'm always down with that. The pose they gave her a floating gesture which ties quite well with the Phoenix Force behind her. No real complaint and I'm actually quite happy how this turned out.

Nicely sculpted Phoenix!

The paint between the skin and the hairline might seem a bit off, but all in all, the coloring is done quite well. Especially with the Phoenix Force with tis transparent plastic that is painted with both the orange and yellow hues that gives said Force the fire effects it needs. Everything else I have no complaints. Nice dark red that mixes quite well with the metallic gold. I also like the white eyes though, nice change from the normal black eyes.

Nicely sculpted, great sculpt with a nice pose, the added flame/Phoenix Force is fantastic, and colored quite nice. This is a winning formula for someone who has liked the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Saga. A nice addition to my POP collection and it's definitely something I can recommend to everyone else.

Until Next Time!

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