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Funko POP: Deadpool (Xmas 2023)

Another Holiday #POP! This time it's Daredevil joining the fray! A Christmas Deadpool is also something of an odd idea but, hey, Wade Wilson definitely has his fair share of popularity so giving him the Christmas Spirit isn't a bad idea. So let's just get into this review, shall we?

I am very close to finishing this set. Only one particular one is missing! But the last one is pretty easy to get so soon enough, I'll have them all lined up.

That's right! Deadpool has a sweater for the Holidays! He's ready.

I'd say I'm a very casual fan of Deadpool. His popularity doesn't pull me in as it did for a lot of people. I do like his look, and at the times he was in a comic book that I was reading, he wasn't as annoying as his detractors claim him to be. Sure, he didn't seem to win a lot of fights, but he was--is entertaining on his own accord. For the POP, Funko continued that humor vibe to him. He's wearing a bright blue snowflake-themed sweater. A complete contrast of his red outfit. The pose is another simple one but definitely shows a small portion of Wade's unhinged personality. As usual, the sculpting is all done to Funko's style and there isn't anything I can complain about.

I love his little nose poking out along with the drip on the back of his head.

I love the small details of his pouches and straps all poking out. Also, his eyeball also sculpted. All is well done.

Here is POP: Deadpool Xmas 2023 next to POP: X-Force Deadpool and POP: Gwenpool. Yes, that is correct. I don't have a lot of Deadpool POPs at all despite how much he has in the wild.

As part of my Marvel Xmas 2023, I'd say he is a good addition. On his own, he's got good details, the pose is pretty Wade Wilson, and that light blue sweater is an amazing contrast and showing off his Christmas Spirit. I'd say he is good for any Deadpool fans and also perfect for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I recommend.

Until Next Time!

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