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Funko POP: Elsa Frozen Fever

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Elsa is definitely high on my list as a favorite character. So when a POP of her comes out, best believe I'll have her in my collection. Even if her Frozen Fever isn't my favorite, a POP version of it isn't frowned upon by me. So let's check her out!

This is the first POP I received that came with a 'Collector's Cover' on it. I might use that if I ever decide not to open a POP.

I will probably not get Anna, for obvious reasons. One thing that is odd to me is that Disney doesn't claim a POP series dedicated to them. The speech bubble that says "POP" surprisingly doesn't boldly states "Disney" or something Disney based. Disney pretty much owns everything.

Again, not my favorite dress, but as a POP, it does play true to its source material. The sea foam green translates well for her dress, the floral spring design details are also placed intricately all over the figure. I love the way the colors fade from dark to light, which is again, accurate to the movie's details.

The translucent plastic for her cape does its job to show the floral patterns and upkeep the colors that its supposed to be. Her blonde hair seems slightly off, but that may just be me.

The hair is a good sculpt though. They may not add shadowing on it, but it does a good enough job separating each 'piece' to replicate Elsa's distinct hairstyle.

Here are all the POPs of Elsa I own in the order they appear in the movies. The Coronation being my favorite, her Snow Queen Dress second, and her Fever last. She does have the Holiday special that they have yet to announce any merchandise that would fit in my Elsa shrine. Shame. Rest assured that the moment they come out with anything it will be mine.

One thing I forgot to mention was that she comes with Snowgies. They didn't stay with me. Other than that, this is a pretty neat POP. It could be an easy pass for anyone not a big fan of the dress, but for me, being a collector, this is a must. Accurate, nicely posed, and somewhat easy to find for a good price, I'd say this is a win catch. That's about it.

Until Next Time!

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