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Funko POP: Elsa (Into the Unknown)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Once again I've taken the liberty to give this #Funko #POP a nickname and what better title to give this 3rd Elsa POP than the (supposed) future Let-it-Go; I do believe that this is the outfit she will be wearing when she sings the new song, "Into the Unknown". So, let's get into the one thing I do know and review!

This particular #POP is an Amazon exclusive. Yes, Elsa receives an exclusive from the biggest online store at the given moment. Just so happens that the exclusive from Amazon is one of my favorite dresses that Elsa is wearing from Frozen 2. It harkens back to her magnificent cape from her coronation outfit and I always thought she looks absolutely adoring in that color. Luckily this dress is just that burgundy color with a few hints of details here and there--one that we'll delve into a bit with the full review of this figure.

This is my 3rd Elsa POP in review. So.... how many more Elsas am I going to collect?

Now right off the get go, I dub this "Into the Unknown" because it's her dress that she'll be wearing while singing her future popular song. And the moment I saw this dress, I fell in love with it. I first I Thought it was all burgundy BUT with high-res promotional images and more video trailers shows that there's more intricate details with Elsa's dress. She has snowflake designs and her traditional blue color at the hem of her collar, sleeves, and dress. It really is rather amazing just HOW much more to her outfit than meets the eye. Also, #Funko did this thing where they added a layer of transparent plastic over the lower half of her dress(?). I've seen this through her cape and the such, but OVER her dress as if it's another layer? I'm not sure if this is meant to add more depth and/or just a bit of a design flaw.... but I don't think there's another layer on her clothing during the trailer. Regardless, it does just that... adds more layer. It looks good and I do appreciate it.

Elsa's pose is still neutral like the previous POPs I own, though she holds one of those crystals. I'm not sure what the insignia means but the Super Carlin Brothers did some translating so look at that. As far as posture, it's good enough. I don't mind it.

Coloring-wise, it looks good. The blue bounces off the purple does just fine and again, that transparent layer does add something and from far away, it looks really good. Everything else is colored well.

Speaking of Coronation, here's the comparison. I decided to put her next to the coronation because, again, Elsa looks good in burgundy. And the inverted dominance of color from Coronation to her "Into-the-Uknown" outfit. They look good together.

Final verdict? Yeah. Another great addition to my GROWING Elsa POPs. I got one more to review in hand and another on its way. And Heavens know HOW MUCH (or if there are) Funko Disney Resort exclusives exists when I go there.

Until Next Time!

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