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Funko POP: Hall of Armor (Silver Centurion)

Got another POP! That's right! This time around got another Iron Man POP in a 'special' themed version that goes in line with the Iron Man character itself. Without further adieu, let's get right with the review, shall we?

You'd think there would be more for this series since Iron Man's Hall of Armor is huge, grand, and definitely a treasure trove for Iron Man fandom. Though the four they picked aren't bad--I'd take out War Machine and replace it with another Iron Man armor. He has plenty.

One of the biggest flaws for me is that this armor is permanently stuck on this 'stand'. And other than a few small designs, it's just a hunk of plastic. It didn't do much when I tried to get a review out of it.

It's hard to say something nice about the 'box'. It's a giant grey plastic without any design or anything worthy of calling it anything but a plastic brick. The grey is done nicely, I suppose?

Not much to say about the pose since Iron Man is just standing neutral and I'm okay with that since it is supposed to be an empty armor. The details are done quite nicely and it's got some work, replicating one of Stark's iconic armor in its Funko form. There are no complaints about how this POP came out.

The colors are also good. Love the metallic shine of the silver paint. There isn't a complaint from my end. The matted red and the shining silver go well with each other!

Here is POP Hall of Armor Silver Centurion next to its Hot Toy and Marvel Legends counterpart. Funko and Hasbro nailed it when it comes to aesthetics, right? Well, the Hot Toy also did an amazing job but the design was truly based on the MCU look and not the comic book.

It's a shame I can't like this POP even more. I mean, I love the details and the coloring. It's got some great things going for it but the fact that it's permanently stuck to the 'container' definitely kills it for me. I understand the gimmick and maybe if I have the other Hall of Armor POPs, it may be a different story. It's an armor of Iron Man I hold dear so I suppose there's another thing going for it. Still, I can't recommend it to anyone expecting a POP to fully admire.

Until Next Time!

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