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Marvel Legends: Silver Centurion Iron Man (Walgreens)

A #Marvel_Legends review once more! This time it's none other than Tony Stark himself in one of my favorite armor he ever wore: The Silver Centurion! Well, let's not delay! Let's get right into the review!

#Hasbro definitely stays consistent with they packaging and I definitely can appreciate it more now that I don't see more than five Marvel Legends in one year. And I can greatly appreciate the fact that the sides artwork is good! I always feel that the Silver Centurion deserves more love than it gets!

Since the Silver Centurion is an exclusive, he's not part of any set and he's the only one advertised. Maybe Walgreens should start having it's own wave to take fact that they have a dozen good exclusives in their line up?

Strangely enough I didn't take pictures of the accessories by themselves but I did get quite a few of them with Iron Man. He comes with repulsor blasts/boot thrusters effects. While we have seen them before in other Iron Man figures, I believe for me, this is the first time I acquired them. You can mix and match and make it look like he's having stronger beams from his palms. A pair also works well for his boots to give him a flying effect. Neat stuff!

I do like having the option to having both repulsor blasts and thrusters at the same time.

In regards to hands, he has a pair of closed fists and repulsor blasting hands. Standard for an Iron Man action figure these days.

With Stark being well known for sporting his red and gold, having the Sliver Centurion change things up a bit is something I can appreciate. Fun fact: My first introduction to Iron Man was when he was wearing the Silver Centurion; needless to say, this armor has a lot of sentiment for me. Suffice to say it's definitely one of my favorite armors that Stark wears and I have been asking for an updated action figure for a while now and I'm glad to finally have him through Hasbro's Marvel Legends! So does it live up to my expectation? Well, yes, actually. Small minor hiccups, but all in all it does. The sculpt has a lot of original aspects made just for this armor (least I believe so). The shoulder pads, the back, the helmet, the boots...these are all newly made for this specific armor and that's something I can appreciate. While the arms and legs are familiar, it does still pay homage to the original design of the armor so that I can definitely get behind.

Lots of extra details put on his back and on the helmet!

As far as coloring/paint job is concerned, it's actually well done in my opinion! Hasbro's done and amazing job with making metallic looking plastic and with someone like Iron Man, those have to be on point and I feel that the Silver Centurion got a good amount of shine to him. I think some shading would have done certain areas good like his 'backpack' area, or just the musculature areas. The arc reactor is also not exactly the best color I have seen. It's plain white and It needs some flare. All in all, the rest of the action figure is done well enough so I can't complain.

The articulation is pretty standard. There are some good things like the shoulder pads works well with the shoulder joints so I'm satisfied over all. Though the neck joint, pulled back with certain angles will expose a gaping whole that makes it look odd if not hidden correctly. I've been able to work around it so it's not a huge deal.

It's no comparison but, here he is next to Iron Man 3 Hot Toy "Silver Centurion". I just wanted to show the difference between #MCU Silver Centurion (or Mark XXXIII) not the quality of the two action figures.

A good representation of one of my favorite armors of Iron Man. Standard Marvel Legends with a bit of extra care to the accessories, and only the small neck joint and dull paint job on the arc reactor pulling it down--all in all, it's a pretty good figure. Something I can recommend for sure. It made me remember the good things I love about Marvel Legends for sure!

Until Next Time!

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