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Funko POP: Harley Quinn (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Another Harley Quinn has joined the fray! And once again, here I am with another #POP figure in my collection! This is a special one though since it's an exclusive and unique! Let's check her out!

That's right, this rocking out Harley Quinn is a Hot Topic Exclusive! I love exclusives because the ones I do grab, they are pretty radical and sometimes not just a repaint but a major overhaul. I do wish that some of the boxes get some love when it comes to their exclusiveness. Sure the sticker is enough, but it couldn't hurt to show just how exclusive it is with a speciality box. But that might be a bit on the cost side that I don't need to be paying.

Makes me wonder if this Harley Quinn is an elseworld/what if/multiverse version of her. I could look it up, but I'll leave it in the open, I suppose.

While Harley's outfit may be very similar to something we have seen before (Arkham City, perhaps?), the one unique thing about her design is her multicolored hair, which isn't pigtails this time. It's more of a mohawk and rebellious looking.

We've seen the red and black outfit pulled off several times so I'm not going to talk too much about that. The highlight of the paint application is her hair; the way the pink, blue, and blonde mix in is just awesome. There are some paint blemishes on the left side of the profile, but all in all, it's pretty good.

Her posture is nothing fantastic or anything like that. It's not bad by any means, but it's not something I can say that sticks out as something POP hasn't done before. Sass and a bit more 'threatening' looking compared to your normal Harley demeanor; and the regular Halrey Quinn is by no means timid--she was a bit more on the playful sexy side rather than the straightforward "I'll beat you up with my punk-rock-guitar".

Here are my other POP Harley Quinns: Suicide Squad and New 52(Supposedly also a Hot Topic exclusive; I don't recall). One thing I notice is that the rock out Harley does not have a weapon other than that killer look.

You have to be a BIG time Harley Quinn fan and/or an even bigger fan of the POP culture to get this Hot Topic Exclusive. She's not the norm for a Harley Quinn look so that might be a turn off for the casual Harley fan and she doesn't do anything out of the regular for a POP figure to warrant a must have attitude. For me, I like her design and I love Harley Quinn. I also collect POP so there is a pull here for me. All in all, if you fall in that fandom or that kind of collector, get her. I can recommend her in that sense. Other than that, an easy pass.

Until Next Time!

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