• Onyx

Funko POP: Hulkbuster Infinity War

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Here we go! More Infinity War merchandise! Busting into the #FunkoPOP plastic form is none other than Infinity War Hulkbuster POP! Let's check this bad boy out!

Lately, at least the POPs I have been catching, the poses are a bit more dynamic and unique. With this Hulkbuster, it's pretty obvious that Funko went with a more neutral position. And honestly, with all that detail, I'm not surprised nor am I disappointed.

As I mentioned on my last POP Iron Man, the hype is real for Infinity War and some of these POPs are awesome. I think I might just stick with the Iron Men for now though.

Anyone to everyone who has seen the Infinity War trailer surely must have caught the scenes involving the new Hulkbuster. There are a couple of theories floating around that it's Hulk underneath and I'm not denying that idea, but it has to be Iron Man. At any rate, the designs of the new Hulkbuster is nice; truly a more refined version of the AoU version. The POP definitely got all the aesthetics that it can right despite the limitation of its stylized figure form. There are a lot of details in this figure, lots of sculpted work, which is why the neutral pose is not marring how much I like this POP.