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Funko POP: Hybrid Theory

Well, came across another #POP that I wanted in my collection and here I am reviewing it! This time around, #Funko goes after the music business and man, is it a different flavor! There is plenty to talk about so let's just get into it, shall we?

That cover art is just classic

For anyone who hasn't heard of "Hybrid Theory", look it up. It was super popular back in the day and just about every SONG people know... at least if you were from that era. Songs like "Crawling", "With You", and of course, "In The End" are all popular songs that Linkin Park dished out with this album. Needless to say, I was a fan and I listened to this album religiously at one point of my life (for better or for worse). Some odd few years later, a Special Edition POP is announced to celebrate Hybrid Theory and I knew I wanted it. I just wasn't sure what and how it is as a POP. Well, here I am now with it. Man, I didn't know what I was doing with this POP.... sad to say. Let me elaborate.

First and foremost, I feel very confident to say that it is discouraged to take the POPs out of the case. The acrylic case protecting it does not give in and there are no 'safe' way to get it out without compromising the case. So how did i get mine out of the box? Well, just that: I compromised the case. Now it's not completely broken since I was still able to put the POP inside and thanks to the box sleeve, I was able to cover up the cracks. One advice, if you are going to try and pry it out, do it on the back of the acrylic case. Less chance of bleeding it to the front.

The POP itself actually isn't too bad. To this day I'm not even sure why we have a ... "fairy" representing the album (I know, blasphemy) but the character, the pose, the coloring is all too familiar. There's not a lot of "details" with the sculpt other than the overall mold of the character and then there's some work on the wings. All in all, it's pretty simple but well done. I can't complain at all, honestly.

Now with all that said, there are a few glaring issues that is unique to this POP; and to be frank, said issues are because of the fact that this POP wasn't meant to be displayed out. Believe it or not the first thing I had issues with is getting this POP to stand. Certain angles had to be done right and it had to be placed correctly on the ground; the way the flag is being held was problematic at times.

TIP: Don't unscrew the POP from the acrylic unless you plan on taking it out! Trust me! Less headache!

Then there's the hole in the back. Funko wouldn't have done this and left it so obvious had it not been for the fact that this POP is meant to be displayed INSIDE the box. I mean, it's not so bad since most people will put the figure facing forward but ... it's there. For any collector who feels my pain, we know it's there.

I do like the option of being able to hang it on the wall. There are proper holes in the back of the case and it can easily be propped by thumbtacks. Neat little option considering we can't take it out of the box.

In the End (pun), I like this POP. I didn't know what I was getting into, clearly, but now that I do, the next one coming to me won't be as unfortunate. For nostalgia, the details given, the pure uniqueness of it, I'd say it's a worthy cause. This won't be everyone but it's definitely going to intrigue many. I definitely recommend it if the music was special and the times is nostalgic.

Until Next Time!

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