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Funko POP: I Am Iron Man (PX Exclusive)

"I am Iron Man". At this current moment, it is the last thing that RDJ said in the MCU until Tony Stark met his untimely demise. He had an iconic moment with the Infinity Gauntlet in his hand and with his sacrifice, the #MCU lived on. #Funko, of course, had to take advantage of that moment, and I for one appreciate it. This is that movie moment, and let's review it.

PX is no stranger with #POP exclusives. To this day, I'm not 100% what else they have in their store, but oh well. They got good stuff with these exclusives. Also, supposedly this is a glow in the dark but with other POPs, I can't seem to get that gimmick to work. Not that it's important, mind you.

That's just a darn cool shot!

The only other one I got from this series is the War Machine, believe it or not. I don't know, as much as I love #Endgame, I wasn't going to bloat my POP collection with the movie.

I don't have a standard Mark LXXXV in POP form (will have a #HotToy eventually though!) so I just want to briefly talk about this armor. It's probably the most reminiscent of his classic red and gold armor--though still modern and fitting the MCU look, it is form-fitting, the red and gold are almost properly placed as it has always been in the comics (arms and legs dominantly gold while red covers body, gloves, and boots). The helmet still looks MCU, but overall, this is the closest thing to the classic aside from Mark I. As far as how it looks in this POP, it mirrors the final scene of Endgame. It's battle-damaged and Tony's helmet is off, showing a severely beaten face, bloody and bruised. Which, might I add, this is the second POP I got with blood on it. The pose also replicates Iron Man's final moments of heroism, the gauntlet in his right hand as he is about to snap his fingers to eradicate Thanos and all of his forces. He also has a charred base, which again, represents the battleground they were fighting on. It's definitely an iconic pose.

The sculpting is amazing. There are little rivets here and there to replicate the little details with Stark's armor, there are sculpted (glow-in-the-dark) energy on the right hand, there's sculpted infinity stones, the gashes and battle damages on Stark's armor are all present--all in all, it's a well-done POP. It's definitely what I expect out of POP, especially with a character with this much importance.

The coloring is well done. The gold and red do well with each other. The battle damage is there and clearly gashes across Stark's armor, the blood is good, the energy fuming off his arm (while doesn't glow even if bathed in the sun) looks out of place and adequate for what it's trying to do--all in all, it's just a well-done piece, that's all!

Just look at that! The energy spreading from the gauntlet to his armor, the gashes, the metallic red & gold, just great! Maybe a better colored Arc Reactor, but hey, that's a small complaint.

Here is Endgame Iron Man next to Infinity War Iron Man and Age of Ultron Iron Man. Despite the time gap, these are all well done.

"And I... am Iron Man."

This POP has a lot of reason for me to recommend. The journey of Iron man was something I got into from the very beginning. It was a movie that I thought had something going for it and I was right. Now, I didn't know it was going to explode to an Infinity War scope, but I knew that we had something. To end it how they did with Endgame, it was good. Any merchandise to replicate that, I highly appreciate it. With Funko being as good as they are now, a 'movie moment' of this caliber is a must. Get him. It's well done!

Until Next Time!

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