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Funko POP: Iron Hammer

Updated: May 11

Another #POP for the season (and one I had sitting on my 'review table' for a couple of months now) and this time it's one of the characters from the Infinity Warps Marvel Event: Iron Hammer. Yes, an amalgamation of Iron Man and Thor. I like the concept and some of the artwork I saw looked pretty good so here I am getting the merchandise! Let's see if it is worth it!

A Targe exclusive POP with the glow-in-the-dark gimmick. Truthfully, the glow-in-the-dark stuff hasn't done a lot for me since my POPs are always shy from the sunlight hitting them. Maybe I'll get a setup where natural sunlight can hit the POPs and then they show their glory. Until then, it's a nice but useless gimmick for me.

Not going to lie, a lot of these look interesting.

While the selection from this series is tempting, without any room or connection to the storyline, they may be an easy pass. I don't come across them too often so the temptation definitely won't be as prominent.

The design for Iron Hammer is actually quite sleek. It's got the signature of that #MCU-cosmic-Asgardian design on top of the usual Iron Man flares. The yellow lines all over him are obviously glowing and signs of energy so to make it that bright yellow certainly fits and makes it stand out as it should be! The helmet and the rest of the armor are just well made--it's got a simple look but still distinguishes itself from the rest of Stark's hall of armor. Also, his name is Stark Odinson. Clever usage of the last name, eh?

The hammer also has a bit of flare to it with the energy coming off and the 'logo', which I can only assume is Stark's preference for the dramatics. The pose is well-fitting. Not very dynamic but VERY strong and imposing. I like it.

The paint job is done quite well and the choice of red is just robust. It really stands out--that nice shine that just goes so well with the metallic look. The silver helmet too really harkens back to Silver Centurion. I love the colors, for sure!

This is the part where I should've posed him with other #POP Iron Mans that I have but I didn't. Missed the opportunity but oh well!

He's not a must-have by any means, but he is a nice addition. I didn't get into the Infinity Warps, but I can appreciate a good-looking design. It's good to have him in my "Hall Of Armor" shelf. He's unique next to my other Comics and MCU Iron Man.

Until Next Time!

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