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Funko POP: Jollibee & Hetty Spaghetti

This is an odd AD Icon to have in my collection, right? Well, for me not really. These two fit right at home. Definitely has a bit more nostalgia than anything else to be honest but let's not discard them as #POPs until we review them! So, let's get into it!

So who or what is Jollibee, you say? Well, it's a fast food restaurant that originates from Philippines. Easiest way to put it in perspective is that it's VERY similar to McDonald's but with the flare of the country it came from. And just like large fast food chains, they have mascots and this is where Jollibee and Spaghetti Hetty comes in!

There are more than two mascots from Jollibee and there was one particular one I really like other than these two! Can't remember his/its exact aesthetics but I'm glad to have these two for sure!

Let's start with the main man himself, Jollibee! Seriously, this guy's the Ronald McDonald (less of a household name, of course) of this fast-food chain! He's a gigantic red bee with a chef hat--I don't know why, but it is what it is. His design is pretty familiar for anyone who grew up near a Jollibee. Red body, flesh colored face with that big animated face, white chef hat and gloves, yellow shoes that matches his yellow stripes, and of course those wings. Nothing too grand of a design and simple. Translating as a POP, it's just as simple and nothing to really write home about (even if I am writing about it). But I can hardly blame Funko for the product because it's merely a representation of the Icon it is replicating. Simple mold, very accurate, and a pose that isn't extreme or too boring. He's holding a bucket of signature chicken from the fast-food. I honestly dig it all in all!

Jollibee's coloring isn't bad nor is it great, but just like the sculpt and the design, it fits the character. The red is matted--the main color, while the yellows are vibrant (except for the wings) and the white sicks out. It does the job and stays loyal to the character so I'm not going to complain about it!

Spaghetti Hetty has a lot more going on than Jollibee. Simply put, she is a cheer leader with spaghetti noodled hair--vibrant, spunky, and full of smiles and to be honest, that is told quite well in her POP counter part. The hair sculpt is done quite well and also with that pink ribbon finishes the touch. The outfit has some decent thought put into it and Hetty's over all posture is quite fitting for someone who is supposed to be cheery and energetic. I like the overall vibe and result of the build so definitely got more things going for her as opposed to Jollibee who is a bit more 'mundane' and static.

The colors for Hetty are as vibrant as the character itself! There are tints of dark red, mixed with the vibrant pink, and the offset white shoes and yellow hair that makes everything else pop. Not much to say other than it's done quite well overall!

Heres' the two of them together! Just a good juxtapose of one another, that's for sure!

At the end of the day, the AD Icons are a gimmick in Funko POP's line up that I don't really get into (the only one I have is the POP Morton Salt Girl). I won't say that I am not buying anymore but I am saying is that I am neutral to recommending the line. For Jollibee and Spaghetti Hetty though, this is more or less a nostalgia factor. And honestly, they're not badly executed. I definitely think they have value beyond what they mean to me! Overall, I'm happy with these two and am glad to have them on my collection!

Until Next Time!

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