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Funko POP: Megazord (6 inch)

When things are not going too well, you call upon the big show... no not Paul! Call upon the Megazord! With that said, let's get to the review, shall we?

From my memory, this is my first 6 inch #POP and I'm glad it's the original Megazord! I have fond memories with the MMPR and the Zords are part of those happy times! The original design may be clunky and awkward at times but for the most part it delivers so to have it in POP form is definitely a treat! A bigger POP too no less!

Though I’m sure this is it for this line for me—the older versions are a bit dated compared to the POPs we are getting these days.

As a POP, the Megazord looks ridiculous! The signature jumbo head really does make the Megazord look unique and stylized even for a Funko POP! Clearly the head, which is already unique without it being gigantic, is quite prominent and they did the features of the helmet/face justice. The rest of the body, the amalgamation of the other Dinozords, are also quite present. The Mastodon arms, the Pterodactyl chest, and the Sabertooth, and Triceratops legs are all easily recognizable and detailed accordingly. And, yes, the pose isn't something very Power Rangers style, but considering the details placed, I'd say it's a good trade off!

Even the back has all the details needed!

Color-wise, it's amazing and done quite well! There's a metallic sheen over the Megazord and as it should, it looks robotic/metallic. And while it's mostly obvious on the helmet because of how gigantic the head is, it's all over the Mastodon Arms, the Pterodactyl, the Sabertooth, and the Triceratops. The matted areas perfectly compliments the shiner parts and over all, I don't see any paint mishaps to truly call out.

Here is POP Megazord next to POP Pink Ranger and POP White Ranger. That's what a normal sized POP looks like next to a 6 inch version POP. I swear I should try and get the other Rangers, eh?

As a first 6 inch, it's good. It's an awesome addition and I do think I'll delve into this size later on, just as long as the character fits. For any POP collectors, this is a good addition and for Ranger fans, this is a must since it is the original Zord--the MMPR familiar face. Although the pose is a bit stoic, it does allow to showcase all the finer details of the POP. Highly recommend.

Until Next Time!

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