• Onyx

Funko POP: Mercy (Overwatch)

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Have I become a hardcore #Overwatch fan, or something? I will say no despite the action figures I have managed to possess. Seriously, there is something about their character designs that and I'm a big fan of the #POP figures. So with that said, here's POP Mercy to be reviewed!

I'm not sure who is more popular these days between all the Overwatch ladies: Mercy, D .Va, Widowmaker, or Tracer. Don't get me wrong, the other ladies like Sombra are also pretty popular but the four gals I mentioned seems to get a lot more attention. As for me, it seems that I found myself stumbling on the Mercy figures far more than the other ones, so no, I'm not terribly fond of Mercy, I think she looks cool and her merchandise are easy to catch these days.

I'm not going to get EVERY Overwatch POP, especially not the males, unless the design and how they look in POP form just intrigue me. I swear, Blizzard does a fine job with their character designs.